Magnetic Plastering: Bring Your Walls To Life

Turn your wall into an interactive feature. Using our magnetic plaster, your wall will be able to attract magnets.

Magnetic plaster can be used on completely new wall surfaces or indeed retrofitted over an already existing wall as part of a room makeover.

The practical uses of a magnetic wall

Perfect for a kid's room so that they can easily personalise their own space with photos and pictures of their choosing.

Great for hanging up decorations for an event or the holiday season!

Also ideal for an office space or something similar to easily arrange posters, timetables, important reminders and more!

Interested? Have any questions you'd like to ask?

If you're interested in having a magnetic wall in your home, please feel free to get in touch and ask us any questions you may have. Either give us a call on 07549 789089 or fill out our website's contact form here.